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Zhejiang Qinshan Cable Co., Ltd., originated from Dabeishan wire factory in 1983, has a history of more than 30 years. It is located in Qinshan Town, the birthplace of nuclear power in China. It has a registered trademark of "Qinshan brand", with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, covering an area of 50 mu. It is a research and development center of CNNC, State Grid supplier and aerospace environmental protection materials and wires; It is mainly engaged in high and low voltage power and control cables, environmental protection home wiring, ordinary wires, photovoltaic cables, mineral cables and other special cables, weak wires, cable trays, bus ducts, PPR water pipes, HDPE pipe series and other products; it is a technology-based enterprise with a brand line of 100 million yuan.


Enterprise advantages

The company has complete products: 3C wire, production license cable, photovoltaic cable, mineral cable and other special cable, weak wire, wire bridge, bus duct, PPR water pipe, HDPE pipe series and other products; the company's quality assurance: for the provincial brand demonstration enterprise, Jiaxing famous brand, export brand; The company's credit guarantee: it is a provincial contract abiding AAA level unit, a municipal credit private enterprise, and a municipal credit management demonstration unit; the company's products have a wide market: State Grid, China nuclear industry group, domestic real estate new rural market, industrial plant equipment wiring, power cabinet supporting cables and wires, foreign export market, with an annual export of more than 10 million US dollars. Relying on the brand advantage, iso9001-14001-18001 perfect system has achieved sales of more than 100 million yuan for seven consecutive years.
With the support of local government, under the leadership of young entrepreneur Mr. Wang, and the technical support of 18 professional engineers and assistant engineers, the company strives to make "Qinshan" a well-known enterprise at home and abroad.



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218 Changfeng West Road, Qinshan nuclear power related industrial zone, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang Qinshan Cable Co., Ltd., relying on nuclear power to create a domestic brand,
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